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PTFE Glass Fabrics
PTFE glass fabrics that we are making here at Om Industrial Fabrics, are widely used for laminating panels in the solar industry. These have maximum temperature tolerance and great chemical resistance. PTFE glass fabrics are perfect for advanced architectural tension structures.
Silicone Coated Glass Cloth
Silicone coated glass cloths are highly versatile and largely found in the conveyor belts, protection joints, packaging materials and other. Our offered products are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Silicone coated glass cloths are suitable for industries like wood working, metal and mechanical.
PTFE Conveyor Belt & Leno Mesh
PTFE conveyor belt leno mesh is most commonly used for making non-stick cookware, so that food dont get stuck. It is basically a type of coating which is formulated for coating different types of materials. PTFE conveyor belt is high in strength, strong in construction and durable.
Fiber Glass Mesh
Fibre glass mesh is employed in faade and shading applications. It is designed for allowing lighting as well as air to enter the space. Fibre glass mesh is known for its strong construction, toughness, maximum efficiency and high performance efficiency.
PTFE Glass Adhesive Fabric & Tapes
PTFE Glass Adhesive Fabric & Tapes are engineered for high-temperature applications, combining the non-stick properties of PTFE with the strength of fiberglass. These products offer excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation, making them ideal for various industrial sealing and insulation purposes.

PTFE Anti Static Glass Cloth
PTFE anti static glass cloths are ideal for hot plate welding, packaging machines, vacuum blister packs, shrink wrap machines and more. These are coated material which is suitable for non-conductive and anti static objects. PTFE anti static glass cloths are known in the marker for maximum durability.
PTFE & Fiber Glass Yarn
PTFE & fibre glass yarns are accumulated with high temperature electrical insulation. These are applicable for protective curtains, release material, conveyor belts etc. PTFE & fibre glass yarns can be found in food processing industries. Our offered machines provide non-stick linings and coatings for vessels.
Fibre Glass Fabric
Fibre Glass Fabrics are versatile materials known for their high tensile strength and thermal resistance. They are commonly used in applications requiring durable reinforcement, such as in construction, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Varnished Fiber Glass Fabric & Tape
Varnished Fiber Glass Fabric & Tapes are fiberglass materials coated with varnish to enhance their electrical insulation properties. These products are often used in electrical and electronic industries to insulate wires and components.

Fiber Glass Adhesive Tapes
Fiber Glass Adhesive Tapes are designed for high-strength bonding and insulation in industrial applications. They provide excellent thermal resistance and electrical insulation, making them suitable for use in demanding environments.

Fiber Glass Woven Tapes
Fiber Glass Woven Tapes are narrow strips of woven fiberglass fabric used for reinforcing and insulating purposes. These tapes are commonly employed in electrical insulation, thermal protection, and structural reinforcement.

Industrial Adhesive Tapes
Industrial Adhesive Tapes encompass a wide range of tapes designed for specific industrial applications, such as sealing, bonding, and insulating. They offer high durability and resistance to various environmental factors, including temperature, chemicals, and abrasion.

Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabrics
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabricss are specialized materials that combine the strength of fiberglass with the fire-resistant properties of vermiculite. These fabrics are used in high-temperature applications to provide thermal insulation and fire protection.

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